20 Week Bumpdate

20 Week Bumpdate

Hey y’all! Its hard to believe I’ve already hit the 20 week mark. Although now I’m almost  21 weeks. Seems like it has gone by so fast and so slow. We shared last week that we are officially having a girl, which is great so I don’t have to sell any of my cloth diapers. And we got to start doing some really fun stuff like register for our baby girl. Want to know the secret to a happy hubby when you go to register? SNACKS. Yes, snacks. My hubby is not one to spend a long time shopping at any store, but specifically Target. Probably because he is costing things out in his head as we walk through. But with his popcorn and Jamba Juice in hand he was a happy camper and didn’t complain… So take notes and buy a snack!

20 Week Bumpdate

Size of the baby… 10 oz, also the size of a banana

Weight gain so far… 11 pounds

Cravings… Right now since I’m writing this post I’m craving homemade buttered popcorn but of course we are out of popcorn so it will have to wait.

Exciting news… I finally felt baby kick last week! So fun.

Not so pleasant symptoms… Oh my aching back. Did you know during at 20 weeks of pregnancy you’re suppose to stop sleeping on your back. That’s my favorite place to sleep! So I’ve been trying to train myself for weeks to sleep on my sides with a pregnancy pillow between my legs. Which helps but not sleeping on my back leaves me with an aching back and not the best sleep in the world.

We started gutting our two back bedrooms which brought lots of tears. After hubby ripped down the walls we noticed the wiring looking a little… janky. So we called an electrician and gave us an estimate of a small vehicle to rewire our house. I balled like a big baby, at work mind you. Luckily we called around and found someone else who is highly recommended and it’s going to cost much less. But they can’t get to work until the middle to end of February so our project will be a little stalled. That’s ok though. On a pleasant note we did find hardwood floors in the big bedroom and hallway, and now we just have replace the carpet in  the small bedroom! Score!

Now only 20 weeks more to go!

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