25 Non Candy Ideas to Stuff Easter Eggs

25 non candy ideas to stuff easter eggs

Growing up I loved Easter egg hunts! All my cousins would come over and our parents would hide eggs all over our house! We would race to find them and see how many we could get. Honestly our eggs had either chocolate eggs or money in them ha! Ahem! No wonder we had so much fun! Every holiday seems to be full of unhealthy food and tons of candy! Here are some ways that you can get rid of all that candy and still have lots of fun! Just think… Less candy equals less crazy sugar high kids! Nice right?

25 Non Candy Ideas to Stuff Easter Eggs


  1. Stickers
  2. Bouncy balls
  3. Whistles
  4. Erasers
  5. Hot Wheel cars
  6. Plastic critters (like bugs)
  7. Mini Play Doh
  8. Temporary tattoos
  9. Nail polish
  10. Sponge capsules that expand in water
  11. Whole fruit fruit snacks (or other healthy snacks like whole grain cereal, trail mix, etc.)
  12. Fun band aids
  13. Fun notes
  14. Bracelets/necklaces
  15. Bubbles
  16. Barbie clothes or shoes
  17. Coins
  18. Silly bands
  19. Lip balm
  20. Hair accessories
  21. Earings (clip-on/pierced/or stickers)
  22. Rubber stamps
  23. Magnets
  24. Rings
  25. Small action figures (dolls or like army men)

There you have it! 25 things you can stuff into eggs that are not candy! Kids will still love trying to search for all the different and creative treasures! They won’t even miss the candy!

What are some things you stuff into easter eggs?

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  1. Great ideas! I actually just ran into this dilemma in wanting to send my niece (6 yo) something for easter. I settled for fun facts about Easter (like why we celebrate it) folded up with 3 jelly beans each.

  2. Great ideas! This year I ordered some squished pennies with the Ten Commandments imprinted on them to fill eggs for our church egg hunt. I think it will be something different for the kids.

    I came over from Barn Hop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Growing up we always got fun surprises like the ones you’ve mentioned instead of candy. I always liked it a lot better. Sometimes my Grandma would even put in a hard boiled egg.

  4. Rhythm eggs (maracas)
    Small Chalk shaped
    Felt food, folds up nicely in eggs
    Bath toys
    For older children finger flash lights
    finger puppets
    My 8 year old said “nesting eggs” a big egg holding a small egg holding a tiny Easter egg!🐣🐰🐥

    Melissa and Chelsea

    1. Those are great ideas! This year we are getting our toddler a back pack since she is obsessed with ones we see at the store and some fun craft projects/activities.

    2. As our kids have grown they still love to do an egg hunt. Probably because as they grew I added some money to the eggs. Coins and dollar bills and I also added slips of paper that had special coupons such as “good for getting out of one chore”, “pick the movie for the family to watch”,pick a game the whole family will play”etc. my kids loved those and still want to hunt today and my oldest in twenty. To make it more fun I do glow in the dark hunts and make certain rules like once you touch it’s yours no picking up and shaking to see if there’s $ and they each can only collect a certain number of eggs. They love opening them at the end to see who got the most money and got the best coupons for that year.

    3. Those are really great fun ideas Ann! My family would also hide money in eggs and it was so fun to still do the egg hunts. There was always that extra special egg with a $20 everyone hoped to get ha. Glow in the dark egg hunts sounds awesome.

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