30 Day Money Challenge: Free Date Night

This post is part of the 30 Day Money Challenge where we will learn to be more content with what we have and how to enjoy life using less money.

Date night is super important! Although we don’t go on as many as we would like since we have opposite schedules we still try to do fun things together at least once a week. Here are some great ideas that are completely free!!

Go on walks. We do this a lot and a lot of times its in the morning but it gives up a good opportunity to relax and talk.

Antique shopping! I love love love antique shopping, we go and just look no buying allowed. Just don’t bring money with you!

Have a picnic at the park.

Cook together. Although this one stresses me out a little I like to try to not be a control freak and let him help. It can be fun!

Go to a park and have fun like a kid again. Swing on the swings, play games like you used to, and just act like a dork!

Watch the sunset! Here in southern Illinois we have some really cool places to watch the sunset

Have a bonfire in the backyard and make s’mores. I mean who doesn’t love s’mores?

Go hiking. Also, a great thing to do in southern Illinois!

Have a movie night! Make popcorn and cuddle up on the couch to a good movie.

Game night! Have some fun together with some board or card games. We did this the other night with a game our friend invented it was a lot of fun and the hubs won by 1 point, 1 dumb point! Can you tell I’m competitive?

Walk around Home Depot or Lowes and talk about your dream houses! Love doing this although the hubs rarely knows what I’m talking about and probably thinks I’m crazy.

Go to the beach or a lake and just relax!

Go on a little adventure to a new town.

Feed the ducks at a near by lake or pond.

Star gaze

Dance around your house together!

Go for a bike ride

Go to a free outdoor concert!

What do you do on your date night that doesn’t cost any money?

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  1. We have a local observatory where I live and one of my favorite free dates is going to see what’s going on with the solar system (giant telescopes are cool no matter what age you are) and then walking the little nature trail they have out back. I also recently had a date take me geocashing and that was a lot of fun. Also frisbee golf! No skills required and lots of walking gives you plenty of time to talk.

  2. We are constantly doing free dates. I guess besides the gas cost that is. We go hiking every Sunday. Play tennis. Go to the local creeks for free swimming. (cliff jumping for the more extreme) Camping is a great free activity. Library. Reading to eachother.

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