A Surprise Party for Me!

Nope it’s not my birthday….. That’s in January. The hubs threw a surprise party to celebrate me! I’m still in shock it all happened so fast! Not going to lie I had a little bit of a hunch, but not like he planned. I have the best husband and friends in the world. They brought tons of food and people even came over before to clean and decorate our house (still kinda embarrassed about that). Sometimes I struggle with not feeling loved or appreciated, but man I feel so loved and appreciated now. Never before has anyone ever thrown a party for me for no reason! People wrote sweet notes about why they love me… This will be a night I will never forget! Thank you times a million to all my great friends and husband for being so awesome! I feel so blessed!!!! God has been so good to me the last few years by giving me such wonderful friends!



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