April Income Report

April Income Report

Hey friends. Welcome back for my second income report (you can check out last months income report here). Here I will share with you all our blogging income, expenses, what we have learned, and what we will be doing in the future to increase revenue. I hope this gives you an idea of what a real blogger makes and inspires you to start a blog yourself! I love blogging. I get to be creative and get paid for it! Yes please. 

April Pageviews: 88,697 

Down from 97,184 in March

Income: $575.43

The Blogger Network: $284.63

Google Adsense: $0

Content.ad: $192.08

Amazon: $41.39

Mountain Rose Herb: $57.33

Sponsored content: $0 I’ve done a few sponsored posts in the past, but this will be something I will be working on in the future.


Expenses: $11.99

Bluehost: ~$11.99 I’ve used Bluehost for years and love them. Their customer service is awesome. 

New Computer: 1,473.99

Total Income after Expenses: -$910.55

Last Months Income: $661.56

Takeaways This Month

Yep you read that right! We lost $910.55. Bah. You can’t always have good months right? My computer decided it didn’t really want to work anymore so we purchased a new one. Which has helped my stress level tremendously. I’m not constantly upset that my computer froze or it’s being super slow. Technically I was still working part time during April so the income wasn’t too bad if you don’t factor in the expenses. Ha.

January you usually always have a spike in traffic and then it seems to decrease for a few months. My stats continue to decrease and I will be trying different ways to increase this. My plan for this will be to continue posting regular and awesome content on the blog, increase posting to social media (mostly Pinterest), utilize Instagram and Google+ more. Also, increase mailing list, increasing link back to older posts, and work more with other bloggers. 

Goals currently and from last month:

  • Post more often- was getting better but then had an off week. Striving for at least 2-3 posts per week plus the blog hop.
  • Increase sponsored content- working on this still. 
  • Increase traffic- ugh we will talk about that
  • Work on email list- continue
  • Continue working on writing an e-book

New Posts This Month:

Happy blogging. Please let me know if you have any blogging questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them.

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