Better Blogging Series: Content

Thinking about starting a blog or have a blog and want to do more with it? During this series we will talk about ways you can enhance your blog!

Not going to lie I absolutely love blogging! I wish I could do it full time (maybe one day….). But in the mean time I like to find ways to improve my blog as much as possible. Although I am no professional blogger I have learned quite a few tricks since starting a little over a year ago and have went from maybe 1,000 views a month to over 30,000 in that year.

Part 2: Content

One of the most important thing about blogging is content! 
Your posts should be well written, without spelling, or grammatical errors (still working on this). If someone is reading a blog and they can obviously tell the writer did not put a lot of time into the post (say none of the letters are capitalized or tons of errors) its harder for readers to go back. Proof read, proof read, proof read. I proof read all my posts multiple times and sometimes my readers will catch an error and tell me! That’s how important proof reading is!

Don’t just write about what you want to write about…. Say what? Obviously the stuff you write about you should want to actually write about, but blogging is not all about you. It’s about the readers and what they want. I have learned over the year that some posts are going to get more views then others based on my readers. So look at your posts, see how many hits each one is getting, and try to refocus your content based on that. It’s ok to throw in what you want to write about every once in awhile. Say for me, I do mostly DIY projects and homemade stuff and then sometimes I throw in a life posts. I just don’t do life posts all the time, because thats not what people come to my blog to see.

Talk in your own voice and let your personality shine through. You want to show the readers who you are, so they trust you and feel like they know you. Plus, its super boring to read an post with no personality. I like to write as if I am talking right to the reader almost like I’m having a chat with a girl friend.

So there it is the basics of good content! To sum it all up: focus on what your readers want, be yourself, and don’t forget to proof read! Most importantly have fun doing it! What are some tips you have learned about content?

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  1. Thanks for your insight and tutorial Amy. Being a new blogger myself, (it’ll be a year in March) it’s great to hear more tips on blogging. It’s been a great learning experience for me and I love the blogging community. Such great people! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this entry. I want to start a blog on crafting and have been looking around for the inspiration to get it going. You’re helping me get an idea of how to do it. Here’s to a great year of blogging!

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