Better Blogging Series: Starting a Blog

Thinking about starting a blog or have a blog and want to do more with it?
During this series we will talk about ways you can enhance your blog!

Not going to lie I absolutely love blogging! I wish I could do it full time (maybe one day….). But in the mean time I like to find ways to improve my blog as much as possible. Although I am no professional blogger I have learned quite a few tricks since starting a little over a year ago and have went from maybe 1,000 views a month to over 30,000 in that year.

Part 1: Starting a blog!

So you want to start a blog but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have someone who is helping you build your blog, then you can check out something like this Asana review to help you out, as this is an app that can help you with your project management. However, if you are determined to do the blog by yourself then keep on reading. As here is an easy step by step way for you to start blogging!

Step 1: Start brainstorming about what you want your blog to be about. Write down the things you want to write about and come up with a name. See if that domain name is available to use. Either buy the domain name or use a free one available through and blogger (There is a difference between and .org)

Step 2: You need to choose a blogging platform!
The two biggest blogging services are WordPress and Blogger! Blogger is a free service which can be great if your just starting out and want to test the waters. It is super simple and user friendly! That’s what I started out using and still use today. WordPress on the other hand is for more serious bloggers. WordPress costs money. You will need to pick a hosting site. Since I don’t know much about wordpress visit House of Rose to see a great tutorial on how to start a blog with WordPress. She does a wonderful job outlining exactly what you will need to do.

Step 3: Start playing around with your blog to get the look you want! There are great free headers and backgrounds online you can choose from (like shabby blogs or the cutest blog on the block) or you can hire a professional to design one for you! A good design can really draw people in! Keep a lookout I may be getting a new design shortly from an awesome designer friend that I have, eek!

Step 4: Before you go announce it to the world that you have a blog (even though you may want to you will be so excited) try to write at least 10 to 15 posts. Trust me I learned this one the hard way. My first post was about why I was starting a blog then I went and told everybody. Not a huge deal but when you tell people and they visit you will only have one post and not much else for them to look at.

Step 5:  Once you have the above steps done, your posts are written and you got the design you want you should tell all of your friends and family! Email them with your web address! You could even make a Facebook page and invite everybody on your friends list if you want to get the word out about your super new and awesome blog!

That’s it! The basics to starting a blog! Now go out there and just start one! Stop procrastinating and just do it! Maybe you will find that you love it and wish you started one way before!!!

Stay tuned for the next part of the series!


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