Canning Salsa: Our First Time

Canning Homemade Salsa

Oh canning… So intimidating yet really not that difficult! The first time I ever canned was with my bestie Jordan last summer. She showed me the canning ropes, by the ropes I mean she did most of the work. So this was the first time trying to can something by myself and for my hubby he was clueless. 

The whole process took about an hour and a half or so if you don’t count dishes. Poor hubby had a lot of dishes to do…  We worked as a team. He did some of the chopping of onions and hot peppers, until of course, I got impatient and took over because I’m controlling. Which then he took over the dishes again. And I think we only got into one mini fight probably do to me being a control freak in the kitchen! So I would say it was a success! 

First time canning homemade salsa

I’m lazy and just blended the tomatoes with the skin on in my food processor. Gasp! There are tiny pieces of skin, but oh well. We will be the ones enjoying it and it doesn’t bother us!

Luckily all of our cans sealed! Yippee! But the kitchen literally looked like something exploded. I should of took a picture.. Blogging fail. Literally the kitchen was nice and clean before and after…. EXPLOSION! O well, a messy kitchen is worth salsa that will last all year! Maybe next year I will invest in a pressure canner so I can can more of the harvest like green beans, carrots, pretty much everything!

I used this Zesty Salsa recipe from Ball. When canning you do want to make sure you use a tried and true recipe. Because it has to be acidic enough to keep bacteria at bay!

Have you canned before? What’s your experience like?

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  1. I’ve just recently started canning. My cousin taught me how and we made canned tomates and rasberry jam. Then I made pickles a couple of times, and jalepenos once. I”m considering doing salsa though, as we eat a lot of it here at our house, and having it already made would be super duper handy. Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe you used!

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