$0 Closet Organization

As part of my New Year’s resolutions I said I wanted to get more organized and clean out some of the closets! Well I finally got around to it. Or I may have cleaned it once already and then it got dirty again ahem!

Well here you go. This is what my closet usually looks like….

Messy Closet


And this is how it looks now…

closet organization

I did not spend a dime on this make over. It shows what a little hard work, folding, and reorganizing can do! If you look really hard you can see my scarf organization! We don’t have extra money to spend on bins or any nice organizational things (one day maybe). So I used what I already had and put things where they are suppose to go. I don’t have a good place for sweatshirts so I folded them nicely and put them under my ikea organizational compartment thing that I got when I went to college! This was also a great opportunity to pick out some stuff I don’t wear often and donate it!

In light of being honest do you want to see  how my family room looks on a Friday afternoon (aka folding day)?

Messy Clothes

Let me remind you that there are only two of us! Yea its pretty horrible! I am far from perfect in the cleaning department. Luckily I have a husband who helps out A LOT!

Do you keep your closets organized or are the a “organized mess” like mine?

I party here…


  1. Nice job organizing it! I like to organize things. Now if everyone else would keep things where I say they belong that would be awesome! Our closets are usually pretty organized, but we don’t have much in them. Last May I took pictures of the duplex we were living in at the time, there are some pictures of it on the blog I have for the family. If you click on my name for this comment it should be a direct link. There’s another post that shows the rest of the house too on there.

    1. O I know luckily I look pasts messes very easy and can pretend they don’t exist. Neil on the other hand may freak haha!

  2. Pretty cool considering you didn’t spend a dime! I really try to keep mine organized, but I have to re-organize about 3 times a year since I don’t keep up the system!!
    Selene @ restorationbeauty.com

  3. I’ve always wanted to have an organized closet all the time cos I know how it feels to see a very messy closet. It affects your attitude right?
    My schedule of organizing things is usually weekends or Friday afternoon till night.

    Nicholle Olores

    1. Yes totally! I have been leaving my very clean closet open just to look at it haha because it makes me feel good! Ha I’m such a dork!

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