Delicious and Healthy Quinoa

Quinoa is really delicious and pretty darn good for you. But a lot of people have never heard of it or are afraid to cook with it. Let me tell you that it is probably one of the easiest things to cook! Its kinda like cooking rice, but easier! Here is a really tasty recipe from My husband loved it and so did one of the pastors at my church! It makes a lot and you can eat it as leftovers hot or cold. I did change the recipe a little because I did not have cumin or cayenne pepper. I just put a little jerk seasoning in it, but honestly it would probably taste delicious without any of the spices.

Quinoa is technically a seed that is grown in the mountains. It is very high in protein and fiber. Also, it is one of the only plant foods that is a complete protein, (great for vegetarians and vegans) meaning it has balanced proportions of the 9 essential amino acids. Quinoa is also gluten free and is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Mix it with some veggies and you get a serious health bang for your buck.

You can find it at Walmart, Kroger, and most other grocery stores near the health food aisle, or gluten free section. I have found it the cheapest at my local Neighborhood Co-op in the bulk bins where it is only $3.89 per lb. This stuff puffs up so it goes quite the distance.

So I want to challenge you to go ahead and try this fantastic stuff and you won’t be disappointed! Also, I would love to hear other great quinoa recipes!

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