DIY Joy to the World Sign

I’m really excited about this project because  I haven’t painted, done a craft, or painted letters in a long long time. My friends used to make fun of my because I can paint pretty well but could not paint letters if my life depended on it. Well I finally painted letters pretty darn good I think! Plus this project cost me nothing! All from left over projects!

Step one: Find a canvas, piece of wood, or multiple pieces of wood roughly the same length.  I used left over wood from my soap mold project.


Step two: Paint it whatever color your heart desires. I used chalkboard paint since I wanted it to kinda look like a chalkboard. 
Step 3: Then distress it will a little bit of white paint and a dry brush. After it has dried with a pencil write out the letters so you can get the spacing right.
Step four: Paint away! This took me a long time since I’m not that skilled at painting letters! But Im so happy how it turned out.


To hold all the board together I used lots of hot glue and funny enough popsicle sticks on the back!
Here are the two inspirations for this project
 Lily and Val
So what do you think? I love it!!! It was a little time consuming but maybe took me about 1.5 hours. Not to shabby! Have a great day!




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