Fixing Clothes with Dye


This was the only picture I could take without Kaia getting in it!

This past weekend my hubby was doing some laundry and a pen might have exploded all over a bunch of our nice clothes. Poor Neil felt so bad and was trying everything to get it out. Apparently to get ink out you use hairspray or vodka, who knew? By the way this was all happening when I was sleeping. He stayed up until like 12 doing this! What a trooper. Well some of the clothes were salvaged which happened to be all his of course (not his fault it was just the kind of material). But my pretty pink dress still had a few spots on them.

So I thought why not dye it black? I had been wanting to die a really cute skirt my sister-in-law gave me because its the same color as my skin and didn’t look very good on me! So I got some good ole dye, the same stuff you use to tie dye, read the directions, and soaked my clothes for awhile (actually I’m writing this post while I’m waiting for them to soak).

They turned out pretty good! The pink dress is more purple then black but hey I like purple so I’m cool with it. The tan skirt looked had a few spots that weren’t very black so I may try to redye it again. It was probably my fault it said each package is good for 3 yards and to double it if you want a really dark color… Oops. But this is such a frugal way to change clothes or fix them when they get a stain. It cost me a total of like $2.00 $4.00 (I have a gift card to hobby lobby so it was free). Better than buying a new $25 dress and a skirt which I’m not sure how much it costs but I know we couldn’t afford to buy one right now!

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  1. Your end results are very pretty! My sister-in-law and I were just talking about dyeing fabric as she had just tye dyed an old skirt and we were thinking about all the other thngs we could dye.

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