Food for the Soul: Why Food Matters

Healthy eating is so important to our lives. Food is suppose to nourish our bodies, but the typical American diet does quite the opposite. Our body doesn’t really treat processed foods as food, but instead they treat it as a toxic substances. The top 3 causes of death: heart disease, cancer, and stroke could all be prevented with a healthy diet. You can actually reverse a lot of health conditions with a plant based diet (more to come on this on Weight loss Wednesday).

Neil and I are going mostly organic. God has been putting this on my heart a lot lately which may seem strange, but this came after seeing many documentaries about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Scientist have taken genes from insects, animals, other plants, and many other things and put them in our fruits, vegetables, and grains to allow them to take pesticides (which ruin the soil, water ways, environment, and have a potential harm on our health). The reason God has been convicting me of this is because I feel like these massive companies like (Monsanto) are playing God. God created everything perfectly including all our food and by genetically changing them we’re going against this. GMOs are in almost every processed food and one way to insure your not consuming these GMOs is by eating organic. I also feel like God gave me this body and I should treat it well by giving it good healthy foods.

Eating organic doesn’t have to be expensive. We went shopping yesterday and bought almost entirely organic things and we got just as much food as usual and it only cost $10 more. We bought a lot of sale items like frozen fruit, vegetables, and yogurt. And also had a few coupons.

I didn’t write this to stir up a debate, but rather inspire readers to think about what your putting into your body. I challenge you to watch these documentaries and I can almost guarantee that you will change your mind about food. (Available free on netflix)


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  1. I am right there with you on organic food and GMOs. What also concerns me (besides the health issues) is that companies like Monsanto are able to buy patents of seeds, which concerns me about growing food down the line. I have seen all of these except deconstructing supper, so i will have to put it in my queue.

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