Freezer Cooking 101!

What exactly is freezer cooking? It is when you make things and put it in the freezer for later use! Super simple and convenient! Say last minute guests are coming over and you need to prepare a quick dessert or something. You look in the freezer and there are some muffins you made a couple weeks ago. All you have to do is take them out and defrost them. Easy as that. This is also great if  you have a crazy random schedule like I do and don’t get home till 8 most nights and the last thing you want to do is a cook something! Also, freezer cooking helps with the dishes. If you have the entire meal ready in the freezer you don’t have to clean up 5 pans you used only 1! Pretty sweet right?

So there is a couple ways you can do this:
1. Make something like muffins, bread, cookies, etc. Make a bunch then freeze half to eat later.

2. Make something half way, like cookie dough, pizza dough, lasagna, etc and freeze the other half to make later.

3. This might not be exactly be freezer cooking. Sometimes if I have fresh veggies and know they might go bad soon I cut them up and freeze them. This saves us money since were not throwing food away and is convenient for later use.

Today’s freezer cooking adventure!


  • Home made chicken stock– this is for the minestrone soup I will finish making tomorrow then put it in the freezer for the Soup Swap were having Saturday!

Hope this makes your life a little easier like it does for me!


  1. Ah Freezer Cooking! I need to start doing this…well, maybe when we get married. Because right now with three girls, we can’t fit anymore! But I do love the idea of making leftovers of muffins and such. Thanks!

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