Frugal Christmas Tree Decor


This is our first Christmas tree (which I shared in a previous post) that was completely free. A challenge I faced was decorating it with next to no budget.

First thing… The garland
I had bought red fabric a few years ago to make something, but ended up not doing anything with it. So I cut it up in 2 or 3 inch strips and made some garland.

Next… The ornaments
Found a lot of the ornaments at yard sales over the summer. I found 3 boxes of multicolored ornaments for 40 cents. We purchased a few cute ornaments last year from the clearance section of Kroger for a dollar so. Also, my mother in law gave Neil all his ornaments from when he was little so we had a lot to fill the tree.

Next… The star

I made it from twigs, hot glue, and wire (all things I had). I thought about painting it gold, but decided the country look was better.

Last but not least is the tree skirt. Shown above in the first picture. Just took the same red fabric I cut up for the garland and rapped it around the tree.

Hope you have gotten some inspiration! Decorating the Christmas tree doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Not sure if you would consider this, but I, for one, would have been glad to “donate” a homemade/handmade ornament for your tree. I crochet snowflakes and do some things with recyclables. Wish you had let your readers know. Deborah

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