Frugal Fire Starter

Starting a fire is really hard, well at least for me it is and I don’t like the idea of using lighter fluid. These fire starters are a great use for things you would normally just throw away or recycle and you only need 2 ingredients. Toilet paper or paper towel rolls and lint. Lint is a great fire started since it is a big reason for dryer fires and why it is soooo important to clean out your lint catcher after every use (my dad is a fireman I heard this a lot).  I have also seen this done with cardboard egg cartons, lint, and a little bit melted wax poured over. There a great tutorial for this recipe here. Honestly I like to do the easies thing possible! So here it is!

Frugal Fire Starter
1 paper towel or toilet paper roll
Some lint

Directions: stuff the lint into the cardboard tube. All done!
To use: place underneath longs in fireplace or fire pit. Carefully light fire starter at cardboard . Always be very careful when working with fire!

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  1. I have heard a similar idea to this and was excited to try it, but my husband was afraid of build-up in the chimney of our woodstove. Does your fireman Dad approve(what a great person to have in the family!)?

    1. My dad isn’t big on having fires. I havn’t asked him about it. It works for me though! Im not sure if it would have a build up. I wish I could be more help! Thanks for coming by!

  2. Came across your link on CraftOManiac’s linky party… Great idea! Would love for you to share with my readers at my linky party……. Very creative!!!

    Have a great week!
    PS-I’m your newest follower!

  3. Great idea. Easy and the grand kids can help me make them. I am hosting my 3rd blog hop and would love you to link up.Have a wonderful day. Diane @

  4. These are great but can get a bit stinky if you have dogs (or a husband, lol) that shed, and thus tend to end up with dog or lots of human hair in the lint! I make fire starters with the egg cartons, torn up bits of the carton lid and newspaper, and wax. Works great, burns a bit longer to get a fire going, and no stinky!

    1. I never thought of that when I use it I don’t seem to have a problem and I have a very hairy doggy (she’s a husky). I like your way of doing it too and have seem similar ones! Thanks for sharing

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