Healthy Tip Tuesday: Don’t Tell Yourself You Can’t

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Hey everyone I’m starting a new series called Healthy Tip Tuesday! A couple times a month I will be sharing a healthy tip to keep you motivated and hopefully will teach you something new! I have a B.S in nutrition and am currently completing my masters in nutrition as we speak! If you have any ideas for topics please feel free to email me at ablossominglife {at} gmail {dot} com. Remember I am not a registered dietitian yet!

This weeks topic is…. Don’t tell yourself you can’t!


I had posted on Facebook one day that I told myself I can’t eat dairy anymore (because I’m allergic) and that day I ate ice cream and mac and cheese! An RD friend of mine called it some kind of phenomenon that when you tell yourself you can’t have some kind of food it makes you crave it so much more. Then she joked that she was going to start telling her patients that they couldn’t eat vegetables anymore so they would start craving them (obviously she wouldn’t actually do this)!

Don’t tell yourself you can’t eat a certain food! Because honestly unless you have a food allergy or have some kind of medical issue you shouldn’t label certain foods as bad or good foods! If your a normal healthy individual you can eat all foods, but in moderation. You will be less likely to over indulge and eat the whole carton of ice cream if you tell yourself “I can eat ice cream” but limit it to a serving size. Or what I like to do is find healthy replacements for my favorite foods but still let myself have the real stuff once in awhile! I saw a good tip on pinterest, it said when your at a party and you want to eat say the whole table of hors d’oeuvres to try a few and if they are not a 10 put them down.

So go ahead and eat that piece of chocolate or a small piece of cake, just don’t eat the whole cake. Everything in moderation! You will more likely succeed in your weight loss or healthy eating goals! Now friends, I am going to leave you with a healthy recipe! My Favorite food is ice cream and this recipe is a tasty and healthy replacement!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Soft Serve


What experiences have you had with telling yourself you can or can’t have certain foods?

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  1. Great post! My #1 tip to stick to healthy eating is to eliminate temptation so that I don’t have to say I can’t have it. If we want a treat we make it from real food ingredients. Whole grain cookies fill you up so you don’t want to eat a million of them anyway! Also I make sure I eat a healthy well rounded meal before having treats.
    You are totally right! Food shouldn’t be so complicated. Moderation is a very good skill to learn 🙂

    1. Those are great tips Mindy! We do the same thing! I usually don’t keep foods I can’t say no to in the house! If its not there I can’t be tempted! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Totally the same one that you had, ha ha! I have been allowing myself to have whatever I want, just being more mindful of how much I’m having—pretty much what you are saying in this post. Great advice!

    Thanks for sharing at Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest #15!

    Kristi @Let This Mind Be in You

    1. Thats awesome! Is it working for you? Do you feel like you crave less food or less likely to eat a whole bag of chips or something? In my classes I think Im the only person who really eats real sugar. A lot of the other future RDs like stevia and splenda but I want the real stuff. That other stuff doesn’t satisfy my sweet tooth and actually it tastes horrible to me but thats a different topic 🙂

  3. I will enjoy your Tuesday Tip! I do not let anything in the house I cant control…Like ice cream. Im not going to go out to specifically get a carton of ice cream! But will eat it if its in the house with me.

    1. Ice cream is my weakness too! I try my best not to keep it in the house! Although my husband likes to surprise me with some once in awhile. We try to get the small pint size so its less to eat and less to share!

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