How to Fix Stretched Out Bobby Pins

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Are you like me and always dealing with bobby pins that stretch out and don’t hold well? Well today, my friends, is your lucky day! The other day I was looking around for good bobby pins and was getting super annoyed that all of mine were broken! So I finally said enough is enough, went and grabbed some pliers, and tried fixing them. They were fixed instantly!!! I then kicked myself for not trying this any sooner!

Step 1: Grab your broken bobby pin/s and some needle nose pliers.

fix bobby pins

Step 2: Open the pliers and put around the end of the bobby pin where it bends and squeeze the pliers! Wa la! Fixed!

The only problem with this, is that it won’t fix you losing them! I mean seriously does a little bobby pin bunny come and steal them all ha?

Your hair and adorable hairstyles will be thankful :).

Like this adorable braided updo.


  1. I’ve been known to bite down on it (I know I’m strange), however my problem is how to replace the “bulbs” at the tips when they fall off. Any suggestions?

  2. How cute is your blog? Super. Just in case you didn’t know! I’m your newest fan! So excited to stalk, er, I mean look around your blog!

    Hope you have a chance to swing by It’s Always Ruetten {}!


  3. To help from loosing them off the counter put a magnetic strip (available at most craft stores) along the edge of the counter. So before they have the chance to slide off the counter the magnet strip catches them!

  4. Would the same solution apply to bobby pins that are, I don’t just how to describe it except “warped” or twisted off to one side? I’d share a pic if I could. Unfortunately it happens to most of them except a few old ones i inherited from my great grandmother!

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