Mid-Century Modern Chair After

Mid-century modern chair redo 1

A few weeks ago I shared with all y’all this sad chair’s before picture! Beautiful chair with not so pretty fabric. You can find out more of the background story here. This was my first time reupholstering a piece of furniture and it was definitely a learning experience. I pulled out approximately a billion staples and put in about a billion more. I must say that this chair is not perfect. I will be redoing the seat cushion cover and adding batting around the foam or getting a thicker foam seat. Rookie mistakes. But overall, it was a fun project and I am so happy I did it!

chair redo

I know someone out there is thinking “why in the heck would you do white on a chair?” Well, the woman we are buying our house from gave me all the duck cloth. Hello free fabric!!! I couldn’t say no. Plus, it’s really durable. My plan going into this project was that I want to make slip covers in different colors. That way when I get sick of one color I can replace it with another! Or change colors for the holidays. The hubs knows I want to create a magenta velvet slipcover. He rolled his eyes like I was kidding… Muhahah (insert evil laugh) I’m not!

mid century Chair collageThe pup loves it too! She told me she preferred magenta velvet though…

olive chair 2


  1. if you haven’t already, a can of Scotch Guard on there will go a long way in keeping your natural cotton looking clean. Worth the price at JoAnn’s or Lowe’s. Great job working with a free chair and free fabric– I hope Neil likes it now ;0)

    1. OO I need to do that! You know everything Lauren! Neil loves it now!!! I love the natural cotton, I just hope we can keep it clean (even with Scotch Guard) since it’s not a slipcover! Thanks for being so awesome and finding this treasure!

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