My Natural and Inexpensive Haircare Routine

My Natural & Inexpensive Haircare Routine

I have struggled for years to find a natural haircare routine that is effective and inexpensive. I tried the “No Poo” method which worked for awhile, but my hair started to get dry and I had build up. Then we went back to the conventional haircare… Gasp. After trying a few different things I finally found something that works for me, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and I can feel good about.


I use Alaffia EveryDay Coconut Shampoo. I tried the Everyday Shea first (my hubby bought it for me on a whim) and it left my hair greasy, so he ended up using it without problem. But I liked the company and the price ($10 for 32oz) so I tried the Everyday Coconut and had great results! One of the things I like best about this shampoo is that it is fair trade, made from plant based ingredients, probably has the shortest ingredient list of any store bought shampoo, and the company gives back community. It’s a winner all around!


To simplify my routine I started just using oil in my hair as a conditioner and no it doesn’t leave my hair greasy. I simply place a pea size or less of oil in my hands, and rub it into the ends of my hair after washing. That’t it. I usually use almond oil, but jojoba or coconut oil would probably work well too.


I’ve been using the same recipes for years with great results. 

DIY Herbal Hairspray

DIY Herbal Hairspray

DIY Natural Spray Gel

DIY Natural Spray Gel

Natural Hairstyles:

I try not to use heat very often on my hair. One, because I’m lazy and don’t have time for that, and two to save energy. Let me be honest with you. I don’t have beautiful hair that I can just wake up in the morning brush it and go. So I started to braid it before I go to bed. Boy does that my mornings easy!

Hair Collage

The Half Braid.          5 Minute Hair.          The Half Twist


What is your natural haircare routine? Or are you wanting to switch to more natural care?


  1. Thanks for the info on the Alaffia EveryDay Coconut Shampoo. In the past year I have tried both a castile shampoo recipe and the no poo method which had left my hair dry. I ordered the coconut shampoo and LOVE IT! Not only does it lather really well but it leaves my hair feeling clean. I too use a small amount of oil on my hair but I use a combination of jojoba and argan oil. My hair drinks it up and the oils leave it feeling super soft when dried. Anyway, thanks again!

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