One Easy Tip to Revamp Your Morning Routine

One Easy Tip To Revamp Your Mornings

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Mornings used to be pretty crazy for me. I’m a working mom (part-time) with a four month old. The mornings I have to work used to make my hair fall out or is that just the postpartum hair loss?  I know I’m not the only one right? There are so many things to worry about, especially when you have kids. And each stage is different. Older kids you may have to worry about getting their homework and lunch together for the school day. Whatever you struggle with, I’m here to help with one easy tip to revamp your morning routine.

Write down everything that needs to be done.

My crazy list to do includes: 

  • Breastfeed my poky eater
  • Pump on one side or that side may explode
  • Shower, get dressed (spend 10 minutes picking out something to wear and trying to find my pumping bra. Seriously how do I lose it every day?), do hair and makeup.. AKA try to look presentable.
  • Get my lunch together.
  • Change baby girl.
  • Get her bag ready for the sitter by packing enough pumped milk, clean bottles, cloth diapers for the day. Also, can’t forget Sophie, pacifier, and her blanket.
  • Pack my pump (similar to this one) with clean bottles and pumping tools.
  • Pack my bag: lunch, water bottle, and cell phone.
  • Scarf down food and drink coffee without choking. Luckily my hubby is the breakfast master.
  • Get everything in the car including baby girl.
  • Drop baby girl off at the sitter.
  • Finally go to work.

Phew! That is seriously rough. My morning needed a revamp and there is no way I could do this all without waking up super early. And this girl likes to sleep. So to save my sanity I started doing this one super simple trick!

One Easy Tip to Revamp Your Morning Routine

Start a routine!

Not just a morning routine, but also a nightly routine!

Decide what things could be done at night and which ones have to be done in the morning. It’s that simple.

My night time routine:

  • Get my lunch together and fill water bottle
  • Get baby girl’s bag ready for the sitter by packing enough pumped milk (obviously I leave this in the fridge), clean bottles, and cloth diapers for the day. Also, can’t forget Sophie, pacifier, and her blanky. Set by the back door.
  • Pack my pump with clean bottles and pumping tools. 
  • Pick out my clothes for the next day, place in bathroom.
  • Pick out baby girl’s clothes place on bed.

Morning routine:

  • Change baby girl
  • Breastfeed my poky eater
  • Pump on the other side or that side may explode
  • Shower, get dressed, and look presentable.
  • Enjoy my breakfast with my hubby and baby girl
  • Pack my bag: lunch, water bottle, and cell phone.
  • Drop baby girl off at the sitter.
  • Go to work

This may still seem like a lot of things to do, but when they are separated out I’m not running around my house like a chicken with my head cut off looking for items, making sure everything has been cleaned that I need to take. I have much more freedom is something goes wrong. You know like the other day when I pulled out of the driveway to notice my tire was completely flat. Yay! I still had time to go back home, pack everything up in my hubby’s car, drop baby girl off, and make it to work right on time. 

It was truly relieving. Unfortunately my hair is still falling out, but it’s not the mornings that is causing it.

What do you do to make your morning routine easier?

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  1. I so remember all of this!! Our baby girl is now eight months, so it will get easier, but I had to wake up around three to four hours earlier, just to get to work on time! I use to have what I called my “4 bag check system.” My laptop bag for work, my pumping bag, diaper bag, and lunch bag. I love how you explained the routine, because this is exactly how it is to get out the door! It’s like, by the time I got to work at my desk, I had already put in a half days worth of work, just to get ready! LOL! Great Post!

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