Our First Home: The Tour

Our first home The tour

Hey y’all! I’m excited today to give you a tour of our new home! I recently shared our home buying story here. So come on in! Hope you enjoy! I’m keeping it short since there are lots of pictures.

enteranceThis is our entryway. It used to be a porch that was covered up and made into an entryway. One thing that you can’t see is that on the left wall is windows into our bedroom. Yep they are in the interior of the house… That may be a future project.

Living Room Dining Room

The living room dining room. Look at the beautiful floors and ceilings.


The kitchen in its adorable 1925 glory. Yep those are original cabinets. The green island (which is hard to see) was made by the previous owners to house the dishwasher and was made from her grandma’s porch posts. Isn’t that amazing?

School Room

The future craft room. The previous owner used this as a home schooling room. I’m in love with the window and character.

bedroom bedroom 2Our bedroom. This room is almost complete. We made some small changes that made a big impact! Don’t worry I’ss share it with y’all once it is complete.

M BathroomThe master bath. Not connected to our bathroom but we still have two bathrooms! Woo hoo!

bathroom 1

Bathroom #2. I have dreams of redoing this bathroom one day… Let’s just say it has a huge pink tube. It will probably cost a butt load to redo since I would like to rearrange the floor plan.

Bedroom 3

Bedroom #2. It’s hard to see, but this bedroom is huge!

Bedroom 4

Bedroom #3. We are using this adorable room as an office.

Screened in porch

One of my favorite places. The screened in porch. It looks out to our backyard and garden.

gardenOur garden… There are 3 apple trees, blueberry bushes, and strawberries already planted. Yipeee!

Hope you enjoyed are new home. Can’t wait to show you all the afters.


  1. What fun a first house is! I made so many mistakes on my first house but learned from them all. Take everything slow and easy. Your house has tons of character and will reward you with a great place to live. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    1. I have a feeling we will make a lot of mistakes too lol! Thank you for the encouragement and advise! I’m trying really hard to take it slow haha.

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