Saving Money Part 1: The Electric Bill

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Bills are annoying right? To me it feels like we are just throwing money away. Here are some great ways to be more sustainable and help out your pocket book!

Keep your home warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Put on more clothing in the winter to stay warmer.

Open your windows and use fans instead of the air conditioner as much as possible.

Wait to use appliances, like the oven, that generate heat until later at night during the summer. That way the house won’t get as hot and your air conditioning won’t run as much.

Stop or decrease using your dryer. Use a line or if you don’t have a line use a drying rack or get creative.

Use cold water for washing your clothes.

Unplug things that are not in use like your TV, phone charger, coffee maker, etc

Use CFL light bulbs. Not only do they last  a lot longer than can save $35 in its lifetime.

Clean or change out your air filter once a month so your furnace doesn’t have to work harder then it needs to. Even better you can purchase reusable air filters so you will never have to waste money on filters again.

Use energy star appliances. When we purchase a house I know we will upgrade the appliances slowly but surely.

When using your dishwasher don’t use the heat dry cycle let it air dry and use the shortest washing setting.

Watch less TV and use the computer less. (I need to get better at this one)

Cook multiple dishes at once so the oven doesn’t have to waste energy using it at multiple times. Use a crock pot or smaller appliance rather than the oven.

Shop around for your electricity and see which company offers the cheapest per Kw

Make sure there are no drafts coming from windows or doors. Apply weather stripping or caulk.

Once a week have a night where you don’t use electricity. Use candle light or battery powered light and play board games.

On the more extreme end…..

Paint your roof white. The darker the roof the more energy it absorbs and the more it will cost to cool it.

Install solar panels for the majority of your house’s electrical needs.

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  1. I’ve seen the shopping around for electric tip on lists a lot. In all the places I’ve lived through out the US and the one other country I’ve never lived in a place where that was possible. It would be nice to live some where that has that option.

  2. Actually, using LED lights are WAY better for you and your energy bill. They don’t emit ‘dirty’ electricity, as well as the don’t contain mercury.

    Another thing is using curtains to keep out the direct sun so the house doesn’t heat up 😀

  3. Here’s another tip for the windows in the summer. At places like Babies R Us (you can probably find them anywhere…) there are those flat, tinted window clings. Just wet the window, smooth the cling over the window, and it blocks SO much of the hot sun out! At the end of the season, just wash the clings quickly by dipping them into a soapy-water filled sink and drape over chairs to dry. Then, store by placing a piece of tissue paper over the front and back and folding them up, storing in a large ziplock bag until next summer. I’ve had mine for 5 years now! The initial investment of about $40 (for about 10 packages of them) has definitely paid for itself!

    1. Hi Sarah! I tried the links to your blog and they said blog not found. Did you change the domain for your blog? I’d like to check it out…

  4. I have to say that using the clothesline is the one that gives me the most bang for my buck every month. I can tell when it has been a rainy month based on my electric bill. Now if I could just find a good solution for the long winter months!

    1. I know it made a difference but I didn’t realize it made a huge difference. I’ve seen the stickers on dryers that say how much money they will cost the whole year and it doesn’t seem like ton. But I guess they don’t figure in how many loads you may be doing! Thanks for the info!

  5. Most electric companies charge different rates based on base load usage, in other words when most draw is put on the grid.

    So, do dishes, laundry & drying after 7PM will get you a cheaper rate.

  6. Electric companies can screw off… Being off the grid is the greatest feeling in the world, knowing I’m not being sucked dry for money just for some lighting.. Ah.

    -Sharone Tal

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