Saving Money Part 2: Around the House

Part 1 of the Saving Money Series: The Electric Bill

Today we are going to talk about saving money around the house. You can save money everywhere! A lot of these could overlap with saving on the electric bill but I tried my best not to. Although you’ll probably have realised by now that the electric bill is the easier one to save on. As you can also use a site like to help you compare cheaper energy providers (it’s not just homes that do this, but also businesses as well!). So if you are a business owner, or want to save some pennies on your electric bill then you should check out cheaper energy (and business energy) sites.

Stop buying paper towels! At our house we buy 1 or 2 rolls a year just in case something nasty happens like Kaia has tummy issues or something. We use cloth towels 99.9% of the time.

Use cloth napkins. You can buy them or make them yourself. Very east project

Use a reusable duster that you just toss in the washer.

Ditch your swiffer or find reusable swifter pads on etsy.

Ditch the coffee filters use reusable ones or use a french press.

Make all your own cleaners. So much cheaper and good for the environment.

Sweep your tile/wood/any other kind of hard floors rather than vacuum.

Start a compost and recycle. The more you compost and recycle the less trash you have and the less trash bags you will use.

Use reusable snack bags and lunch boxes. Stop wasting money on disposable and start reusing them. There are adorable ones available on etsy or you can try to make them yourself.

Make your own pillows. When we moved into our apartment I made all of our pillows and stuffed them with the stuffing from pillows I wasn’t using anymore.

Buy used or slightly damaged furniture. Check out my post on inexpensive furniture. I learned my lesson and probably will never buy new again (except couches).

Create art yourself to decorate or find cool stuff at yard sales

Use drop clothes to create curtains, rugs, and pretty much anything you can imagine!

Yard sale to get awesome things so your house isn’t so matchy matchy right out of a catalog. Plus just the search is a fun adventure!

This is definitely just the start of saving money at home and I would love to hear how you save money around your house!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I have absolutely already found the joys of saving through fixing old furniture and now I’m finding out all about the great homemade cleaner recipes available. Great posts, keep them coming!!!

  2. The last time we bought a roll of paper towels was a few years ago. We have rags that we keep around from worn out t-shirts that are to stained or thin to use for anything else that we use for nasty messes or grease.

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE all of these ideas! My husband and I just bought our first home, having our first baby, and are on a major budget so these are all such awesome ideas! Your blog is SO SO cute too!

  4. I cut up dryer cling sheets into 5th’s – you really don’t need much to take the static cling out of your laundry – and using a whole one isn’t good for the fibers in your clothing.

  5. Here I’ve been trying to save up to buy all six of us new pillows. I can’t believe I never thought of making them! Thank you so much for the suggestion. I usually consider myself an old frugalite but I learned something new today!

  6. Hi, I’ve tried clicking the “saving money: electric bill” link from different pages and keep getting an error message. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

  7. Love these ideas! I’m in the middle of a budgeting series over at Thrift for Today and have definitely thought of a little money saving tips series at some point in the future! I totally agree on the paper towel thing. We try to use reusable rags that we can just toss in the laundry also!

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