Simple Gardening Gift Set

Simple Gardening Gift

Usually you have that one friend, you know that homemade deodorant type of friend that loves to do all things crunchy including gardening. Although I find this type of person easy to shop for, probably because they would love the same types of gifts I would like. You may be looking for a great and inexpensive gift for them. How about a simple gardening gift set? It’s easy to put together and it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

If you follow me on instagram (insert shameless plug) you may have seen my exciting picture of a seed catalog. Specifically, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (this is not a sponsored post I just love them that much). Every year I get so excited when it shows up at our doorstep. I slowly sift through their amazing collection of seeds and pick out a hundred different seeds I want to plant…. Which then my husband brings me back to reality… you know where we don’t live on a huge farm, but in actuality have 0.17 of an acre which only a fraction is available to garden. Ya ya ya dream killer. We literally have this conversation every year. 

Gardening Seed Gift

Anyway. To make this gift set simply pick out a few of your favorite fruits or vegetables to plant (i.e. tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, brussels sprouts, etc.) from Baker Creek, your local nursery, or home improvement store. Then place in planting containers either natural ones as shown or a terra-cotta pot. Then tie it with some twine and add some lovely greenery. I used the mostly dead, or should I say dormant, lavender plant that is in my garden.

Seed Gift Set

Wasn’t that easy? And it just cost a few dollars in seeds and containers.

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