Update and Things to Look Forward Too


You may have noticed that my blog posts lately have been a little sparse. That’s because the hubs and I took 2 (almost free) vacations, yes 2! The first vacation was to Tampa Florida. My parents were so generous to take us there to visit my grandparents. They paid for our plane tickets and food and we stayed at my grandparents house. It was really relaxing and nice to be with my family since I don’t see them very often.  Neil and I originally had a vacation to Branson Missouri planned for awhile. Neil’s grandma was nice enough to let us use her time share. We brought along some friends and their 2 kids for the ride. We went to Silver Dollar City amusement park, laid out by the pool, and went to a free show and dinner it was lots of fun! Luckily there was a kitchen so we cooked most of the time. So we got back from Florida on Sunday and left for Branson Monday.

Left Branson yesterday, was home for 15 minutes, then headed straight to my beautiful friends Meg and Andy’s wedding! A little stressful but totally worth it! It was absolutely gorgeous and my favorite part is she tried to be sustainable and as echo friendly as possible! This was seriously one of the prettiest weddings and their story is so adorable!
DIY popcorn wedding favors
She had a variety of centerpieces all were really adorable.
All the flowers she used were paper flowers! Such a good idea

Things to look forward too:
There is going to be some changes coming within the next month. I will be redoing the web design or at least trying to. Lots of fun craft projects! I have lots of bridal showers this summer and need inexpensive gifts so DIY it is! I WILL be putting together an Etsy site of some of my projects and homemade soap! I wanted to do this in January but lost track of time/grad school consumes my life! I may have a big announcement soon hopefully! So make sure to stay tuned for lots of new, fun, exciting, and much more frequent blogging!

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