Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a great day for everyone to celebrate love with their hubby, fiance, or boyfriend. But also for those that are single! This sounds crazy right? People that are single a lot of times dread this day because it further reminds them that they are single. But you have a God who loves you and cares about you so much so you have every reason to celebrate!

This is the first year celebrating Valentine’s day as a married couple! My hubby got me a large old mason jar at an antique store (I love them and he knew I really wanted a large one since I don’t have one for my collection until now :)) and filled it with flowers last week as an early gift. He was being smart since the same flowers are probably double the price this week. Apparently he still has one surprise for me tonight. Something that he made (I’m a little nervous because I hate surprises).

My present to him was this book! A bunch of my lovely married and engaged friends recommended it to me and my husband loves to read (not my forte) so I thought he would like it. Plus he is extremely hard to shop for! He wants me to read it too, so hopefully we will get to read this together and work on our marriage together! It can always get better no matter how good your marriage might be.

What did you get for Valentine’s day? I would love to hear about it!

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