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These delicious sourdough muffins are long fermented, perfectly sweetened, and they offer a pleasant, fluffy texture. A master muffin recipe, you could easily use different muffin add-ins. Personally, my favorite add in is chocolate chips



Fermented Sourdough  Muffins  (Optional Step)

The grains are fermented with sourdough starter and naturally sweetened with honey to make a fluffy and moist muffin.

Fermented grains are easier to digest and are more nutritious than unfermented grains

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– Sourdough starter active or discard – All purpose flour – Butter or oil – Honey – Eggs – Baking soda – Salt – Vanilla – Chocolate chips. blueberries, etc (optional) 


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Step 1

Mix together melted butter, honey, flour, and sourdough starter. Ferment if desired. Add vanilla extract, baking soda, eggs, and salt to the batter.

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Step 2

Once the batter is mixed well and no large lumps remain, add chocolate chips, nuts, or blueberries.

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Step 3

Gently fold in.

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Step 4

Spoon into muffin tins equally. I like to do this using an ice cream scoop. And bake.

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