Whiten Your Teeth for Cheap!!

So you may have noticed I have been Mia for a few days…. That’s because one of my closest friends got married to an awesome man on Friday! So Thursday was full of work and wedding stuff, Friday all day was getting ready for the wedding and of course dancing all day, and yesterday I worked for 10 hours. So it’s been nuts around here!

Isn’t Laura beautiful!

Anywho, lately people have been commenting a ton on how white my teeth are so I thought I would share how I got them so white! It’s really simple (I found it on interest) and it is the main active ingredient in expensive teeth whiteners! Hydrogen peroxide! Yep, just swish around your mouth twice a day for about a minute or two and spit it out. I like to rinse after with water! Until you get the desired color. Its safe to use. I did start getting sores in my mouth from it so I cut back to once a day and it went away! Its actually meant to help with sores but I am sensitive to everything so yea! But it seriously works after only a week or so I started seeing results!

Here’s a pic of Sarah, Jordan, and I when we were getting ready for the wedding! I have some of the most awesome friends!

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  1. You can also take some baking soda, smear it on your teeth and then rub a slice of lemon (or lime) across your teeth. It will bubble and fizz (which is part of the fun)! The taste takes a while to get used to though. πŸ˜‰

    1. Baking soda works too but be careful it can scratch the enamel off your teeth. I’ve heard people that use baking soda a lot can have problems with their teeth later in life! Thats what my mother in law told me she’s a dental hygienist. Just beware! Thanks for the tip though

    1. Yea I would only recommend doing it for a couple weeks then only doing it when you need to freshen up your teeth a bit! You have some patients girl! I don’t know if I could sit that long with it lol! Thanks for the tip tho

  2. My mother always said hydrogen peroxide and baking soda were two old-fashioned and effective ways to get teeth white. After spending money on various products, I am thinking of finally trying hydrogen peroxide.

  3. Hi, just a moment back I was searching for the information on the same topic and now I am here. So much information, really well executed blog. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same.

  4. Wow, your teeth do look so white! Hydrogen peroxide does help in whitening teeth because of its antiseptic properties. It’s actually being used by dentists as a bleaching solution. It’s also relatively cheap, but be sure to consult a dentist before using it, especially if you have sensitive teeth and gums.

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