Why I Don’t Breastfeed in Public

Why I Don't Breastfeed in Public

I would love to say I’m one of those public nursing mommas who can publicly nurse everywhere and anywhere. You know the ones that are helping the cause having nurse ins and such. Maybe not that extreme, but it would be nice to breastfeed in the grocery store instead of running out to the car. But I don’t. I used to be able to when we were at someones house or had houseguests over. I would use my cover and baby girl would be just dandy.

Then she got older and will no longer wear a cover. That girl is so darn distracted she will only latch on for 3 seconds before coming off and looking around. And this latching on and latching off would continue for 10 minutes. Bahhh drives a momma mad I tell you. My mom used to say “either poop or get off the pot.” But seriously “either eat or get off the boob.”

So yeah I’m that mom the excuses herself from wherever we are, to go nurse my nosey baby. Could I still nurse in public if I really wanted to? Sure. But I want to stay modest and not flash myself to everyone, which would happen these days and might have accidentally happened not too long ago when we were at our friends house (I told myself I was just preparing him since his wife was due in a month). I understand that you can totally breastfeed modestly without a cover (which I’m not skilled enough to accomplish) and honestly I wouldn’t care if I saw someone breastfeeding without nothing. It’s a natural thing. To each it’s own. But with all the frustration that comes with her not really eating, and latching on and off 100 times I feel it is better to excuse myself for the less than 5 minutes it takes her to eat these day. So I’m that mom sitting in her car outside the grocery store by choice. 

If your that mom that can breastfeed publicly hats off to you. I will get you a thumbs up and a smile while I see you in effort to show my support as I run off to my car with a hungry baby in tow. You keep doing what you’re doing to normalize breastfeeding. Maybe next baby 

Can you breastfeed in public or do you excuse yourself?

This is a happy post and mean or grumpy opinions will not be tolerated. Please be friendly my friends.

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  1. I definitely understand! These days I mainly try to feed at home because my baby is also distracted. I’m trying to keep her on more of a schedule and that means she needs to take a proper feeding each time, not just snack.

    I did feed her in public the other day for the first time in a while, and she surprised me by being fairly focused, though those little eyes were looking all around while her mouth sucked!

    For me, it’s easier to feed in really public locations (like an outdoor cafe where I was the other day) rather than in people’s homes. It’s less awkward around total strangers. A part of me does feel a little uncomfortable, because I worry what other people will think, but then I remind myself that it doesn’t matter what they think!

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