Flat Iron Curls

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Author Amy


  1. Blow dry or air dry your hair! Yes that is what I look like letting my hair dry naturally. Crazy with a hint of unruly. Spray a little hair spray and heat protectant.

    Brush through.

    Heat up flat iron and section hair if needed.

    Take a piece of hair and wrap around fingers. Two fingers for loose curls and one for tight curls {don't wrap too tight or you won't be able to pull the hair from around your fingers}.

    Pull hair off your fingers leaving a loop. Try to tuck in any lose ends.

    Clamp a hot flat iron on the loop of hair, wait around 10-15 seconds {maybe longer if you have really thick hair}, release, and repeat until you got all your hair!

    Look at these beautiful loose curls that look awesome!

Recipe Notes

See another way to curl your hair with a straightener in the post.