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Marionberry, Bacon, and Egg Brunch Biscuits

Bacon, egg, and marionberry brunch biscuits are the perfect weekend breakfast. Sweet, salty, rich, with a hint of bitter from the arugula (or spinach) these brunch biscuits will hit all the senses. Seriously, you have to try them out.
Course Breakfast


  • 1-50 buttermilk biscuits homemade (I used

    this recipe

    ) or store bought
  • lots a few tbs or so marionberry jam (like this one) or your favorite jam - pictured is raspberry jam because I ate all of the marionberry by the time photos came... oops
  • 1 egg per biscuit -poached, fried, sunnyside up however you fancy - it tastes amazing with a runny yolk
  • 2 slices bacon per biscuit
  • pinch arugula or spinach
  • other ingredients - avocado and some cheese would be amazing optional


  • Make separate ingredients - bake biscuits, fry or bake the bacon, make eggs (fry, poach, or make sunnyside up).
  • Open fresh biscuit. Smother with jam. Add egg, slices of bacon, greens AND other optional ingredients. Top with biscuit and smother some more jam if you fancy... I'm not here to judge. 


At the restaurant they topped these biscuits with powdered sugar.