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DIY charcoal face mask in a teal dish with dried lavender and measuring spoons around it

DIY Charcoal Mask

Author Amy



  • Mix ingredients together in a non-metal bowl. 
  • Starting with a clean face, apply warm water, followed by the mask. Don’t put it near your eyes or on your eyelids. 
  • Allow to completely dry, about 20-30 minutes. 
  • Rinse with warm water. *This is usually when I start to panic because activated charcoal is difficult to remove. I recommend doing this in the shower. But don’t worry! 
  • Once most of it is removed, use a scrub like the one above and gently exfoliate your face. Rinse with water again and wipe with towel. You may need to scrub one more time and wipe.
  • Follow up with toner and your favorite moisturizer.