DIY Leather Earrings – Easy Tutorial

These simple DIY leather earrings are the perfect and inexpensive gift.

Learn how to make these stylish DIY leather earrings without a fancy machine. Follow my tips below to make these leather earrings even more creative.


- Leather pieces - Razor blade - Leather hole punch - Earring hooks and loops - Pencil - Paper - Cardboard

Hit up your local craft store for materials. They have different styles and colors.


Trace a design you would like on a piece of paper and cut out the pattern. Use a sharp pencil to lightly etch the pattern onto your leather.


Carefully cut your leather with the razor blade on a surface that you won’t ruin.  We used thick cardboard.


On a very hard surface that might survive damage, punch out a hole in the top of the earring and attach your earring fittings.


No. We made these by hand, so you definitely don’t need extra fancy equipment.

Do I have to use a Cricut?

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