Unpaper Towels: Easy DIY Tutorial

Check out this easy tutorial for “unpaper” towels that roll up and Velcro together like a roll of paper towels.

Unpaper towels are an  eco-friendly and stylish way to reduce your waste. Want to know more? Follow my tips here to reduce your plastic use and the use of single-use products.


- Terry cloth  - Cotton or flannel fabric - Matching thread - Velcro

Cut terry cloth and cotton or flannel fabric into 10 equal squares that are 10 by 10 of both fabrics. Make sure they are very even!


Pin the right sides together and sew like a pillow, leaving about a 3″ gap to turn the right side out. Sometimes, I like to cut off extra fabric on the corners.


Turn the right side out and then iron flat.


Top stitch around the edges about 1/4” from the seam. Then, through the middle of the unpaper towel, sew a wiggly line from one corner to the adjacent corner.


Cut Velcro into squares and sew on the Velcro. I sewed the soft Velcro on the terry cloth side and the rougher Velcro on the cotton side. Sew two of each on each side.


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