Homemade {Baking Soda Free} Deodorant

I loved, loved, loved my old homemade deodorant with baking soda and had used it for over two years. One day, I noticed my underarms getting super irritated.

I tried a million things, like taking a break from the homemade stuff for months, then going back to it, making other recipes with shea butter, and I even tried rubbing apple cider vinegar in my pits.

Nothing worked, and I was super bummed. Then, I saw somewhere about just using essential oils! Perfect!


- Arrowroot powder - Coconut oil - Tea tree - Lemon - Orange   - Peppermint

Mix all the ingredients together and place them in a jar (these are my favorites). It is easier to mix when the coconut oil is slightly melted.


Apply a small amount with your hands. If you use peppermint, wash your hands after you apply it, because if you touch your face, it will have a cool, tingling feeling for awhile.

To Use:

I have been using this for about two weeks now and love it! No burning or rashes! Yay! Plus, it handles my stink way better than just the essential oils!

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