Homemade Furniture Polish

Create this super simple and natural homemade furniture polish to clean, polish, and protect your wood furniture without harmful ingredients or fumes.

It takes just a minute to create and is made with all natural ingredients. Follow my tips here to get your wood furniture looking beautiful again.


- Olive oil - Vinegar - Essential oils

The first step is to add oil to a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid or a spray bottle.


Next, add vinegar and essential oils.


That is it. Shake it up and you are ready to go.


Shake before each use. For light cleaning, spray onto the clean cloth and then wipe the wooden furniture in the direction of the grain.

To Use:

If you do not have a spray bottle, no worries, you can also carefully add a small amount of the homemade wood polish onto the rag and wipe down the furniture.

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