How To Tie A Scarf: 9 Easy Ways

Scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit. Learn how to tie a scarf 9 different ways to dress up your favorite outfit.


- Scarf

Wrap the scarf once around your neck, like the classic loop. Then take the ends and wrap them around the loop one at a time, as loose or tight as you like.


The Twist

Simply take your scarf and fold it in half. Put it around your neck like your going to do the classed Euro loop (#8).

The Pretzel


Wrap the scarf twice around your neck and tie the ends loosely.


The Turtle Neck

Wrap the scarf once around your neck loosely. Leave one end long and the other short. Take the long end and tuck it into the part that's wrapped around your neck.


The Bandanna

Tie the ends of a scarf together and wrap it twice around your neck, leaving the knot in the back.


The Infinity Scarf

Wrap the scarf around your neck once.


The Classic Loop

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