Super Easy Homemade Eggnog – The Best Recipe

Creamy eggnog latte spiced with nutmeg is frothed and paired with espresso or strong coffee to make this delicious coffee drink with nostalgic holiday flavor.

The perfect holiday drink for parties or a chilly morning. If you love eggnog, you will love this recipe.


- Eggnog - Espresso or strong coffee - Additional toppings if desired: Whipped cream, sprinkles, nutmeg, etc.

Steam the eggnog using a steamer or heat in a small saucepan until just warm (stirring occasionally).


Blend using a frothed or blender until frothy.


Make two shots of espresso or 4 oz of strong brewed coffee. I like to use my fresh press to do this. Pour into a mug.


Top with the frothy topping. Pour slowly, to make sure the froth stays on top.


Add any additional toppings like whipped cream, nutmeg, or sprinkles.


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