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This homemade body wash is super simple to make and moisturizing to the skin.


Easy & Cheap : This simple recipe only contains 3 ingredients and takes minutes to make.  Natural: Made from 3 completely natural ingredients. Store-bought body wash often times contains artificial fragrances, parabens, propane (yes, seriously.

Recipe Highlights

– Distilled water or water that is boiled and cooled. Helps prevent bacteria growth. – Castile soap – Vegetable glycerin – Essential oils (optional) –Carrier oil (optional)


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Step 1

To a bowl, add water and castile soap.

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Step 2

Mix in vegetable glycerin until dissolved.

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Step 3

Add in essential oil. Choose your favorite scents.

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Step 4

Mix together and pour into a soap dispenser.

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To use: Give it a good shake and use as you would normally use a body wash. * Place if a foaming soap dispenser or use a fluffy mesh pouf to make it sudsier and last longer.

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