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Check out this easy, step-by-step tutorial on how to build a fireplace mantel. It is so easy I could do it, which means you can do it too.


This is an easy project for beginners with little to no wood working skills. 

3 – 1×10  1 – 2×4 slightly smaller than the length of the fireplace mantel Nail gun – or you could do it by hand with finishing nails Drill and screws Miter Saw Circular Saw Wood Glue

Materials & Tools

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Step 1

1. Take measurements across the fireplace and write how long you would like the mantel to stretch along the fireplace. 2. Cut your 1x10s according to that length. Measure twice, cut once, my friends. .

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Step 2

1. Lay one board onto a table and place the second (mantel front) up against the board, making sure they line up flush at the ends. 2. Nail into place (you could put a line of wood glue for more support).

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Step 3

1. This part is a little tricky. Using some scrap from the cut 1×10, cut a piece of wood that will fit inside the mantel. 2. So measure the widths of the inside edge and cut to your desired size. This is really important to have perfectly straight so the top board lays nice and flush.

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Step 4

1. Check to make sure it fit correctly by placing the mantel on top by holding it up to see if everything fits. 2. Make adjustments you need. 3. Sand and stain.

Step 5

1. Cut your 2×4 slightly smaller than the mantel. 2. Find studs, make sure the 2×4 is level, and screw it onto the wall where you want to hang the mantel 3. Place your new mantel on top of the 2×4. 4. Screw the mantel into the 2x4s. 

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