DIY Herbal Infused Oils

DIY Herbal Infused Oils

Herbal infused oils are the next big thing? Did you have any idea? No I’m kidding, I have no idea but it most definitely should be! Herbal oil is a great way to extract the amazing benefits of the plant. You can then use the oil to make other products like lip balm, lotions, sunscreens, or oil cleansing. Always make sure you research the herbs and oils you want to use to make sure they are safe for a product you want to make. For example, citrus can make your skin more photosensitive so if you make a orange oil you won’t want to use it in sunscreen. Comfrey is great for healing and reducing inflammation, but can be poisonous if ingested and is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Getcha some herbs…

Great herbs to use include:

Lavender      Chamomile      Comfrey      Calendula      Rosemary      Clove      Rose

You can use dried or fresh herbs. If you use fresh make sure they have been cleaned and dried of excess water. You will also want to switch them out ever couple days.

Calendula is great for reducing pain, swelling, and aid in healing. Lavender can help with insomnia, reduce stress, inflammation, and more. Chamomile reduces inflammation and irritation and can be used on the skin for hemorrhoids, breast soreness, ulcers, skin rashes, etc.

 These herbal infusions are meant for topical use and not meant for ingestion! 

herbal infusion step 1

How about the oils?

You may want want to choose a odor free or low odor oil in order to smell the amazing herbs. Oils that work great include:

Almond      Extra Virgin Olive      Extra Virgin Coconut      Jojoba      Avocado      Castor 
herbal infusion step 2

Infuse those oils…

In a mason jar or another type of glass jar add in your herbs and cover with oil. There isn’t an exact science to how much oil to herbs, but you want to at least completely cover your herbs with oil.

Solar: This works really well on hot sunny days. Place oil and herbs together in a mason jar and cover with lid. Place in a warm sunny spot for a few days. During the winter it may take weeks for your herbs to infuse.

Double boiler: Place oil and herbs together in a mason jar and cover with lid. Place in a pot with a few inches of water and heat on low for 1-2 hours. Make sure to check the water frequently so it doesn’t boil off. You can infuse longer or switch out the old herbs for new ones to infuse more. 

Once the herbs have infused into the oil, allow the oil to cool to room temperature and strain out the herbs into a mason jar using a small strainer. Then you have wonderful infused oil to use in other skin care creations.

herbal infused oil step 3

Have you made your own herbal infused oils? What’s your favorite way to use them?

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  1. I think infused oil IS becoming the next big thing. A month back I went to buy some oil for my laundry detergent (I used your recipe) but when I saw it was $12 (I live in Canada everything is more expensive here) I could not bring myself to spend that much on such a tiny bottle. So I googled how to make infused oil at home. It took quite a while to find directions to do at home, but I found some that were very similar to what you did. I left it on my window sill and went on holidays for a week. When I came back my pinterest and facebook were full of recipes. I love that I can use my herbs for this and the cost is so low!

    1. The small expensive bottle you are talking about is essential oil, not infused oil. You wouldn’t use infused oils in laundry (or any oil!) Essential oils are powerful and super concentrated (hence the price) and you would use those in laundry detergent to add scent. Infused oils you can use in skincare, ointments, and certain ones you can use in your cooking (basil, etc) Making your own essential oil is not as simple as infusing 🙂

  2. I am currently making calendula and borage infused oils. I am also from Canada and tired of paying such a huge amount of money for something I can make at home.

  3. Plantain weed picked out of the yard, calendula and yarrow infused in olive oil. Used in salve, lotion, lip balm and soap. Its a wonderful wound healer, great for scrapes, bruises,bites, baby rash, heat rash… name it. If you have Plantain weed in your area check into it. Its an amazing lil plant to have around. I keep the “sludge” ( plantian, calendula and yarrow that has been drained after infused in oil) in the freezer, it makes the perfect poltice for stings and minor cuts. It stops the sting, reduces swelling, slows bleeding and speeds healing. Is qn excellent site to give more info on the uses of plantain.

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