30 Day Natural Living Challenge Wrap Up

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Today is marks the ending of the 30 Day Natural Living Challenge. It has been really fun to have amazing bloggers share there awesome information and help others learn to live an all natural life. Here is a recap of all of the bloggers and the topics they wrote about! I really hope we inspired you to make some changes to live a more natural and sustainable life! Remember, take one step at a time. You can never be perfect but every step counts.

Kristin from Live Simply

Kristin shared…

5 Simple Steps to Real Food

Saving on Real Food: 3 Simple Secrets

17 Practical Meal Planning Tips

Colleen from Five Little Homesteaders

Colleen shared..

Starting Seedlings

 Raised Bed Gardening- How to Start

Homemade Natural Cleaners {Getting Started}

Kristi from The Mind to Homestead

Kristi shared…

DIY Basic Natural Medicine Cabinet

Battling the Perimenopause Storm Naturally

5 Herbs  to Use Around the House and Homestead


Jordan from LilyWhite Designs

Jordan shared…

Sustainable Fashion: Thrifted Outfits

 Sustainable Fashion

And Me Amy from A Blossoming Life

marilyn circle 2

I shared…

30 Day Natural Challenge

30 Day Natural Challenge: Setting Goals

Homemade Natural Skincare {Getting Started}

Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

Homemade Natural Makeup

What changes have you made or are planning to make?

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