How To Tie A Scarf: 9 Easy Ways

Scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit. Learn how to tie a scarf 9 different ways to dress up your favorite outfit.

A women showing how to wear a scarf 9 different ways

I don’t know about you, but I long for the fall weather to come. By the middle to end of summer I’m over the heat and ready for some cooler temps, lattes (especially pumpkin spice lattes), tall boots, and of course, scarves! A friend of mine tells me that there are 50 ways to tie a scarf, but there are only a few scarf looks that I really love. Today, I want to share with you a few different and fun ways you can wear scarves! Because wearing them the normal plain way is a little boring to me. Why not switch it up a bit?

I absolutely love scarves and actually just made a thrifted infinity scarf from a old sweater and made this short ombre one! I may have a few too many scarves, especially purple and pink ones for some reason. This post has been updated from the original 2013 version.

We are definitely needing some scarves here in southern Illinois, it’s freezing! Of course Monday was 71 degrees and then the next day was like 20! What do you expect!?

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Shopping for scarves?

If you are shopping for some new scarves, I’m kind of obsessed with these adorable (and cheap) flannel ones for fall. Pair that with a cozy sweater and tall boots, and forget about it. Basically, my love language. Or how about these adorable floral scarves?

Just so you know I totally just made up names to some of these ways :)… Here we go!

9  Ways to Tie a Scarf

#1 The Twist

The twist

Wrap the scarf once around your neck like the classic loop. Then take the ends and wrap them around the loop one at a time as loose or tight as you like.

#2 The Pretzel

The Weave

Simply take your scarf and fold in half. Put around your neck like your going to do the classed Euro loop (#8). Twist where the scarf is folded and weave one end through the bottom of the loop and the other above the loop.

#3 The Turtle Neck

double loop knot

Wrap the scarf twice around your neck and tie ends loosely.

#4 The Bandanna


Wrap the scarf once around your neck loosely. Leave one end long and the other short. Take the long end and tuck it into the  part thats wrapped around your neck.

#5 The Infinity Scarf

InfinityTie the ends of a scarf together and wrap it twice around your neck leaving the knot in the back.

#6 The Classic Loop

classic loop

Wrap the scarf around your neck once

#7 The Loop and Knot


Start with the classic loop and tie the ends.

#8 The Euro Knot

euro knot

Fold the scarf in half and put around your neck. Tuck the ends through the loop. This is one of my favorite ways to wear a scarf! Super simple and takes no time at all.

#9 The Triple Knot

The Triple Knot

Lay the scarf around your neck to the ends lay even on both sides. Take the ends and make 3 knots.

If you want to see the tutorial on how to curl your hair like mine in the pictures above click here.

That’s it, 9 easy ways to wear a scarf! Don’t you just love scarves? Do you wear scarves the same way or change it up a bit?

Need More Ideas?

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! I never can figure out how to wear a scarf. I may have to try #1…I always feel like I am choking when I wear a scarf…so maybe the twist will help with that.

  2. What a fun post! I would love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at ‘Or so she says …’ Also, don’t miss the Sweethearts Giveaway with over $2,000 in prizes. Hope to see you there!

    1. Thanks Kelly that means so much to me! Its ok I may have stalked your blog a little too hah! So happy to be linking up and will definitely be linking this week too!

  3. Thanks for this! I bought a cute scarf to dress up my outfit for maternity pictures, then realized I have NO idea how to make it look “chic” (and not just “warm”). I’m thinking #5, #7, or #8.

  4. I’m so embarrassed, I never had ANY idea how to tie a scarf (Californian) and #8 just is so cute and SO simple and I just had no idea! lol! Thank you so much!!

  5. wow this idea is so useful! I need to do a “how-to” speech and this is such a good idea for it! thanks! i personally love the euro knot and the classic knot! :)))

  6. Thank You so much for sharing these pretty looks! This is just the cutest site. I am wearing number two, and I am just all bubbles. Even my boyfriend is laughing at me, because I am so giddy ; )

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