DIY Fabric Softener Crystals

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fabric softener crystals

Ok so I have been seeing this recipe at a few other awesome blogs  and I had to give it a try and give you my honest opinion! My clothes and towels were definitely soft and not staticie (not a word but whatever). The first batch I made was scented with just orange. I actually added double of the amount of essential oil that it called for and it still didn’t make my laundry smell at all! So then I added mint essential to it since its stronger scent and still no smell! O well! Besides the not smelling part it still works great and is more natural and pretty cheap! I would definitely recommend it!

Fabric Softener Crystal

2 cups of Epson salts
20 drops of essential oils {Could completely eliminate}

Directions: Mix ingredients together and stop in a container. Add ¼ cup per load at the same time as your laundry detergent.

See now wasn’t that easy! Other blogs have said that their clothes slightly smell! You may have better luck than I did! Next time I’m going to just use straight epson salts and not waste my essential oils.

Have you tried this recipe  before? Could you get your laundry to smell?

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  1. Something that really helped me with static was not to dry the clothes too long… mine were on automatic dry and it was horrible with static.after I tried 30 min timed drying, and then added incrementally till dry it was much better.

  2. If you want scent… I highly recommend using Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap with your detergent… The peppermint is very strong… And is fantastic for removing stains. It’s best to start your load and let the soaps mix… Shut it off mid cycle and let it soak.

    My mother soaked her table linens with 30 year old grease stains… And yes they had been laundered many times since… After 2 days of soaking… She added a few tablespoons of the Bronners castille with her laundery detergent… The stains were completely gone! No scrubbing required! Naturally, a first run should never be dried in the dryer… You may find a longer soaking time is necessary.

    A few tips… Bronners is great for your face… I also mix it with my shower gel… And a few drops in my shampoo. It really makes both stretch… And feels awesome! It can be very drying… So mixing is best for dry skin. Be careful.. A few drops goes farther than you would think!

    You can get a great price on Bronners at Trader Joes… Though they just have peppermint. Whole Foods now carries all the scents ( tea tree, lavender, citrus, almond, Etc… even unscented lighter version for babies. I really can’t live without it!!!

    1. No I haven’t tried that yet Meg thats a good idea. It may give off a better scent its definitely worth a shot! Good idea thanks for sharing!

  3. I tried this thanks to this post. I think it does make my clothes more soft than without fabric softener but one load was really staticy. So I don’t know if I just forgot to add it or what. I’ll keep trying and see what happens. My clothes are not as soft as when I use real fabric softener though. So glad someone is trying to find natural fabric softener options.

  4. I have a front loading washing machine. Do I put the epsom salts in with the soap or into the compartment for the softener?

  5. I cut the lower part of the leg of some old, clean pantyhose, put some lavender buds in it, tied it up real tight, and throw that in the dryer with the clothes. Smells great!

  6. I am visiting from Mop It Mondays! I haven’t seen this around on any blogs yet so I am glad to have found it! I have a book with DIY tips and I am pretty sure this one was in there but I have never heard anything about it other than that. Thank you for the review!! I think I will have to try this. I like that it isn’t full of chemicals! You have a lovely blog!

    Shelley from

  7. First I have to say your blog is so darling. I saw Jillee’s post too and I’m glad you mentioned the oils, I had been wondering if they worked.


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