We Got a Whole Lot of Fruits & Veggies! Learn How to Properly Freeze Veggies

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We have these awesome friends who live a mile away from us and they own this amazing property where they grow lots of fruits and vegetables. Well since the season is about to end and they are going on vacation they let us come over and pick all the stuff we wanted. Holy cow did we get a lot!

We gave some away and picked more and I didn’t want all this awesome stuff to go to waste. Well I don’t know how to can (hopefully I will learn soon) so I froze some stuff! I wanted to show you how to properly freeze vegetables so when you want to add it to a recipe you can grab some out of the freezer. No fuss.

Step one: Clean, cut up your veggies, and blanch them to kill any microorganisms. You can do this by placing them in water for a minute or two and then putting them in ice water. Not going to lie if Im just going to use them for stews and stuff I don’t do this but shhhh…. But I don’t want anyone to get sick so you should do this!

Step two: spread out the veggies on a cookie sheet and stick in the freezer for a few hours.

Step three: Place in a freezer safe container or plastic bag for later use.

For tomatoes I just cut them up and froze them in plastic bags.. You can use these tomatoes for soups, stews, crockpot meals, or sauce. Just place in the fridge to defrost for a little bit and add them to  your recipes.

Super simple and makes life easier

Stay tuned… I talk about preserving fresh herbs without drying them!


  1. I usually spray my veggies down with vinegar solution and let that sit for a few minutes then rinse it off instead of blanching them. Vinegar is like a natural bleach. I use it to clean my whole apartment and all of our produce.

    I don’t have room in my freezer for very much of anything, but I am really excited to learn how to can soon! Then I’m gonna have fresh farmer’s market produce all year round (and eventually it will be our own produce!).

  2. I’ve always blanched vegetables first since that is what the current recommendation is for home food preservation. It really is nice to have frozen veggies from the garden on hand though.

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