Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites

These are addicting… It’s kind of a problem. They are chewy, moist, and fudgie, but they are made from 100% natural ingredients and with no sugar added. The best part is when you eat them you would think you are eating something not so healthy. I made these on Saturday and lets just say we may not have any left… we did share them with one person though. That justifies it right?

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites 4

See it all started when Libby, myself, and our hubbies went to St. Louis to go to Trader Joe’s. Libby made a similar recipe to this one and I was in love. I may have eaten like 5 or 6 of these wonderful chocolatey bites. As soon as we got home I whipped up some more of these bad boys and have made many variations since.

These Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites are amazing!

Have I talked them up enough or talked you into it yet? Packed with cocoa powder, cashews, unsweetened coconut flakes, and dates!

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites 3



Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until completely blended/pulverized into tiny pieces and then blend some more. The mixture should start sticking together. Don’t blend too much that it turns into a nut butter… Although that would probably be delicious. Place a small amount of blended nut mix into your hands and roll into a ball. Store in the refrigerator. Enjoy your super delicious and addicting little chocolate coconut cashew bites.

This recipe was inspired by Something Swanky.

Are you a chocolate lover? What about a healthy chocolate lover?


  1. They look delightful but they are NOT Whole30 compliant and you should not be advertising them on pinterest as a “Whole30 dessert”. I’d love to pin them on my healthy treats board but won’t while they are falsely labeled.

    1. Charissa these are Whole30 compliant with all natural ingredients and no added sugar. Sweetened with dates. Now I understand Whole30 rules and your not suppose to have dessert type foods, but sometimes when your doing Whole30 you just need something that won’t throw you off the rocker haha and is compliant. You can pin these as a healthy dessert just take out the part that says Whole30 dessert.

    2. What makes it not compliant? The only thing I see is that they could be construed as a “sweet” – but the ingredients are compliant. (?)

    3. Yes, that would be the only thing to make it not compliant. You are not supposed to have paleo treats and this would be considered a paleo treat. So if you are Whole30 purest I would skip it, but I’m not going to lie I cheated a bit and ate these anyway. Don’t tell

  2. I just made these today, but as they seemed a little dry, I added 1/3 cup almond butter. I actually used small cookie scoop to form balls, so mine made 24 and only 63 calories. Nice snack.

    1. I had the same problem and I added a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil. Gave them a grate coconut rich flavor and really helped them stick together. I might try almond butter next time.

  3. I added this to my list of “absolutely must try”, what I really like about these is how simple the recipe is. I’ll report back soon on how delicious they were 🙂

  4. Amy, I wish I could meet you in person so I could just give you a HUG. These little gems bailed me out on a day where I was really feeling resentful about the Whole30, and almost certainly kept me from cheating. They’re so small and rich, I only needed one, so it was hardly a plunge off the cliff. But it was just enough to tell me “Hang in there – there’s something for you, too.” I will say 3 things about the recipe for others who should stop everything they’re doing and make these this very second:
    – After reading others’ comments, I added in the 1/3C almond butter from the start. For extra fat/ flavor if for nothing else. But I can’t imagine how they would have come together without it. (Cashew butter would work, too, to keep with the whole cashew theme.)
    – My dates were on the older side and I probably should have soaked them in water for about 30m first. I thought they were sticky in my hands but I don’t think they were sticky enough for the batter without the added almond butter. My fault, not yours!
    – Some commenters mentioned that the mixture seemed too dry, but I want to caution: process for longer than it seems like you need to, then stop after a minute or two of processing and grab a handful of the mixture. Press it together to see if it sticks. In the mixing bowl, mine looked like gravel and I thought it was a big disaster. But when you squeeze it together, it holds its shape. So don’t keep adding things if you don’t need to!!

    I really appreciate this recipe. I think the Whole30 is unique to everyone’s goals. I personally don’t have a huge sweet tooth and really only crave sugar/chocolate once a week at most, sometimes longer. So having something that’s compliant for that once per 7/10 days is still totally within the realm of my Whole30 experience. But if you’re someone who feels like you need a sweet every day, obviously I’d avoid making these.

  5. I just made these, & they’re awesome!! After tasting them, I decided to make a second batch before washing the food processor. Yup, they’re that good! Thanks for a healthy & delicious recipe!!! 😀

  6. OH my gosh, these are AMAZING! Forget about Whole30, I’ll make them even when it’s over! Thank you so much. These are totally what I needed today. I added a little bit of sea salt to them and they were just perfect!

  7. Hi, thanks for this. Since you’ve tried variations, is there any substitutes for cashews and/or almonds? My daughter is allergic to all nuts, so I’m trying to find snacks we can all eat and are healthier than sugar-laden ones…we all have a sweet tooth!

    1. You mayyyy be able to use sunflower seeds…. Not positive since it is a different texture. I feel you. I have developed a nut allergy since making this post years ago. I should try the swap.

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