Whole30 Update: Week 2

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whole 30 week 2

Sorry friends this is a few days late! Wednesday marked day 14 on Whole30. Things have been going pretty good. Not too many cravings or wanting sugar. There was only a few afternoons I started to feel a little sleepy, but it could be related to me not sleeping enough. Last Saturday, Libby, myself and our hubbies all made a trip to St. Louis to go to Trader Joe’s and we stocked up and lots of wonderful things like organic avocados, nuts, salsa, and other Whole30 approved items. It was amazing and our wallets thanked us.

I’m still seeing an improvement in my eczema. I think I’m allergic or sensitive to cauliflower because when I made some cauliflower rice for dinner and had it the next day for lunch I noticed two eczema spots on my hand flared up each time I ate it. This is why I love Whole30! Before I could never pin point exact sensitivities because I was still consuming dairy all the time and I’m already allergic to that so I had no idea what other foods may be triggering it.

My face is way clearer! Yay! My acne has decreased a ton and I’m hoping it will completely go away the next few weeks.

My acid reflux is virtually gone. Before starting the program anytime I ate anything I would have these really funny hiccup burp things that were caused from GERD. I have maybe done this hiccup burp three times during the entire 2 weeks!

Things I found helpful during week 2…

  1. Not keeping problem foods in the house or in sight. Today I strolled into my bosses office to get something and she gave me the dirtiest look and said “what are you doing?” Thinking I was heading towards the candy dish like I used to always do in the afternoon. I laughed and grabbed the paper I needed. I’m thankful she had my back just in case the candy was calling my name or something. She would’ve fought me or maybe even tackled me so I didn’t stumble! Good job Jenny!
  2. Keeping the Whole30 shopping list and Can I Have… list up on my phone for a quick search just in case there are any iffy foods I’m not positive about.
  3. Always having safety snacks available. This week got pretty busy and was thankful for keeping cashews, fruit, Lara bars, or a little dried fruit on hand just in case of emergencies. This was also helpful when my co-worker, who is also doing Whole30, forgot her lunch. I just gave her some of my emergency snacks.
  4. Our garden has been a great help. When I was in a pinch to make something for group I just headed out there, clipped some lettuce, and made a salad!
  5. This amazing Italian Almond Crusted Salmon! This recipe is super simple and takes minutes to prepare!

italian almond crusted Salmon


How is your Whole30 going? What have been helpful for you?

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