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As you may know I figured out that I am allergic to dairy and my favorite food in the whole wide world is ice cream. See the problem? Well someone told me how to make this dairy free ice cream long ago (also known as vegan ice cream), I tried it, and it was really good. But I still ate the real deal so I didn’t make it much. But now since I’m not suppose to eat the real thing I busted the recipe back out. It only takes seriously a minute to whip up, which is great when your crazy busy like myself. And its healthy, even better!

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Chopped up and frozen ripe bananas (approximately 1 banana equals one serving of ice cream)

A few Tbs of Non-dairy milk (almond, coconut, soy, or whatever you can think of)
1/4 tsp Vanilla extract
Other fixins (up to your imaginations). The last batch I put coco powder and peanut butter in, super yummmy….

Throw everything in a blender or food processor until smooth like ice cream. Enjoy!

Yep it’s that simple, healthy, and delicious!

This was part of the Homestead Barn Hop, This Girl Creative, Real Food ForagerFrugally Sustainable


  1. I will have to right this down for my wife to make. Our daughter has a problem with dairy also! Thanks for posting!

    I am allergic to it as well, I seem to swell up when I eat it all the time. LOL!

    1. Yea I have been trying to stay away from soy as much as I can. Which is hard since a lot of dairy substitute products like sour cream or cheese are made from soy. Lately I have been rotating between almond milk, coconut milk, and if its on major discount soy milk. Almond milk ice cream is really tasty too! Thanks for the thoughtful warning!

  2. My husband & I have to stay away from soy, dairy, grains & corn, so I am ALWAYS open to dairy free ice cream recipes! I am also allergic to bananas, unfortunately, but maybe I could use this recipe as a “base” & figure out something else… or just make it for my husband! 🙂

  3. I love making ice cream with frozen bananas! I think using coconut milk makes it a lot richer and creamer, it’s great for chocolate style ice cream!

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