Frugal Soap Molds

I am so excited about this! I was looking at purchasing wooden soap molds and most of them were around $30 and I didn’t want to spend that for something that looked very simple! So the hubs and I made them and they are sooo easy to make. Trust me if we can make them anyone can! We are not skilled at woodworking by any means! We used 1 by 4s and depending on the size of the batch of soap you make, you can change the size of your mold. I make a medium to large size batch that makes about 8 lbs, so to make one soap mold we cut 3 1x4s 2 feet long and two 5 inch long side pieces and nailed it all together. Just like a box with no top (by the way we didn’t use a tutorial or anything just kind of did it). They aren’t the prettiest thing in the whole world but o well! But boy does it make my soap look so much better! So happy I finally took the plunge and made these. They only cost us $6 for two of them!! So we saved $54! My soap looks so much more professional and I have a lot less waste then when I was using a large tupperware container. Make sure to line the mold with plastic or freezer paper to make taking the soap out easier!

Yesterday I made my first batch of pumpkin pie soap! It is made with pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice! Isn’t it pretty? I am so excited to sell it at my first ever craft show! More details coming soon!
Hope ya’ll are inspired to take the plunge and make your own soap molds! 
Have you ever made soap? What was your experience? 


  1. Wonderful idea! We have scrap wood around here from other projects that we could use. We’ve melted soap, added in things & put into molds before, but never made it from scratch. My oldest boy wants to make it from scratch to sell.

  2. I have made soap for myself and to sell for many years. I love it. I’ve made wooden molds, too but mine were bolted together and you could unbolt them to take the soap out. This looks much easier and I’m sure works just as well. I now make my soap in round 4″ PVC pipe cut into 12″ lengths.

  3. I’ve been thinking of making my own soap molds for a month or so. Your idea of pumpkin pie soap is great! I’m curious how you did it.
    Stopping by from the barn hop.

  4. Did you buy the 1x4s from somewhere like Lowe’s or Home Depot or did you have it on hand? If you bought it, how many 1×4 boards did you buy to make the 2 molds?

  5. My husband bought them from Lowes. Depending on the size you want to make will change the amount you need. Making the 8 lb soap mold you need about 7 feet to make one mold. Not sure how long each 1×4 is. Hope this helps

  6. Thanks Amy!!

    I have been wanting to make my own homemade soap for a couple of months now and I am slowly buying my supplies, like a stick blender and stainless steel pot. I am definetly going to make these wooden box. Once the soap cools, does the bar slide out easily or do you have to use a knife to pry it out?

  7. I was wandering through Pinterest and found your post. Thank you for posting this! I did buy one of the “expensive” soap molds and, while I love it, I’m much more interested in making my own. This one is super easy! Can’t believe I haven’t made one yet.

    Thanks again for the post!

  8. Great post- my wife will love this. She’s constantly searching for new ways to save on household expenses, and she’s a huge fan of your blog.

  9. Well, my husband has made the molds for me himself. have been using them for about a year and am absolutely satisfied!

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